SoCal Beekeeping

P. Michael Henderson

I  haven't posted any thing in a while because there hasn't been any real notable activity.  The bees are doing well and producing honey.  One of my new hives, the Loma hive, is doing exceptionally well - I have three supers on it now.  I decided that I'll split that hive in the spring.

That would give me four hives and I just don't want that many.  So I contacted a neighbor and she's interested in buying my Rio Bravo hive.  I'm going to sell her two brood boxes with the bees (20 frames), one super with 10 frames, a top and a bottom.  She also decided to buy a hive stand from me - one that works well for keeping ants out.

Delivery next weekend.  I'll try to take pictures and post here.

I harvested honey from all three hives this past week and was satisfied with the production.  I sold some of it to my commercial beekeeper friend, Janet of Backyard Bees.  It was way too much for us to use, even giving it away to friends.  Eventually, people start running away from you when they see a jar of honey in your hand:-)

My old, original hive is doing well.  I have three supers on that one, also, and took about 10 frames out of it this past week.  There's plenty more honey in the hive, but not capped over enough of the comb to take yet.  I don't harvest a frame unless it's mostly all capped on both sides - maybe not 100% but certainly about 90%.

Here's a picture of some of the honey we bottled.  We save bottles and friends give us some - so they're all different sizes and shapes.