SoCal Beekeeping

Building the Bee Vacuum
P. Michael Henderson

I've received a fair number of request to offer the bee vacuum for sale. There's not a lot of material cost in making a bee vacuum, maybe $40 to $50 in wood, $6 for the port where you attach the hose, and a few dollars for weather stripping.  This is not considering the cost of the DeWalt portable vacuum, which is a bit less than $100 for a bare tool, and maybe another $100 for two 5Ah batteries.

So I decided to do a video showing how to build the bee vacuum.  It turned out that I couldn't do it in one video without making that video too long, so I did it in three parts.  The three parts are below:

Part 1 described how to build the basic box.



Part 2 then shows how to make the handholds, the sliding bottom, and the sliding center.



Part 3 shows how to build the top.